naxxarBonġu! I started my EYE at BRND WGN in Naxxar (Malta) on the 1st of June. Naxxar is a city in central north of Malta with a population of about 13.000 people.





The hosting organisation is an advertising agency, with a strong brand consultancy arm, a distinct dash of design style, a great passion for social media, viral ads and digital marketing.


I joined the PR department and in these first two weeks I started beeing introduced to company’s clients, such as CHOGM Malta 2015, Scheduit and Malta International Airport. The PR office is composed by two young and dynamic persons that I will try to co-operate with and to learn as much as I can from.

office_1 team

In these first two weeks I also faced some difficulties: I contacted almost 50 journalists and editorial offices to convince them to talk about a new client, but nobody answered me. Well, actually one of them answered, writing he doesn’t think the product is interesting.

I’ll keep working, trying to face this kind of situations.