During the first two weeks of the last month of the Erasmus exchange, I continued to analyze the project evaluation process and its management, that is, as described in the previous post: the contractual procedures, the project life cycle and organization, the management of the project partnership, quality issues and analysis of best practice and the financial management and auditing.

In particular, lately our Horizon 2020 analysis has been conducted by placing a strong focus on the evaluation criteria. As a matter of facts, experts will evaluate on the basis of the criteria “excellence”, “impact” and “quality and efficiency of the implementation”. For instance, the “excellence” criteria of a project on Research and innovation or SME instrument is the soundness of the concept, including trans-disciplinary considerations.

In addition, for the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on the strategic advisory activities. As an expert of interpersonal relationships and negotiation, the HE is providing me with useful advice to manage relationships with professional contacts. Working together, we have spent a lot of time on the trainings organisation: his extensive experience as a high-level trainer is allowing me to take a leaf out of his book, by gathering the necessary skills, techniques and means to provide quality trainings. Above all, the HE advises me on how to establish a communication and visibility campaign for my future business.

Considering that this is the last month of my experience, I  will try to get the situation in hand: the Erasmus for Young entrepreneur gave me a great opportunity to learn the know-how from experts in the field in which I am interested in. The HE has always been willing to answer my questions; helping me realize all the work you have do to prior to the opening of a new company.

Despite his professionalism and my determination to learn as many things as possible, I think that the period was too short to reach all the goal I set for myself. On one hand, this three months experience has been a perfect start ; from the other three months are not enough  from different points of view: team building, language, etc. I hope that in spite of this, such experience can be effective, at least I know that the HE will be helpful even after the ending of my Erasmus.

However, I think that the success of the project is mainly due to the willingness and competence of both HE and NE.





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