Time to go home has come.
It’s the time of the conflicting feeling, I’m happy to go home, I’m sad to leave this incredible city.
Two months were not enough to discover all the places and build some friendship, Berlin is full of incredible opportunity, I hope to have done all the possible experience in this short time.

I thought to write two list, about what I will miss and what I will not miss.

What I will miss:
• Mitosis and Mitosers: the coworking was for me a new world, a new idea of work together and I really liked the atmosphere inside Mitosis, the way the people help each others, the lunch together and all the Mitosis place (really Berlin Style);
• My tour around Berlin: I discovered the most hidden place in this city, going around alone in the Straßen, talking with the people, visiting museums, buying stuff in the fleamarket but also thanks to School Raising’s Social Innovation Tour, where I discovered how the city is changed and is still changing with the new social realities.
• The Italian Community: I knew them so late, it’s my biggest regret, because in this short time I have met young funny people, full of ideas, full of creativity, that have taken care of me.
• My Berliner friends: when I say Berliners I don’t mean Germans, but all the friends that I have met here in Berlin, that helped me in this big city.
Moabit and Neülkonn: my two neighborhoods, the first the place where I used to live in the west sidem and the other one the place where I worked in the east side (more or less), two faces of the same medal, so different, so nice both.
• The sunny day: when the sun goes out the city becomes someting totally different! The people go out, the palaces have new colors, no silence anymore, parks full of young people and family and improvised events! Wonderfull!

What I will not miss:

• The cold: maybe I chose not the best season to go in Berlin, but sometimes the cold was too much for me.

To the people that ask me about Berlin and the life here, I always suggest to prefer this city instead of Milan, London or other important capital: the future of the Europe is here, the opportunities are here.

I’m going back to my little island, I will not have all these things, but for the moment I have a job, sun and the sea there, and it’s ok for me (for the moment!).





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