These last 2 weeks of the Erasmus Project in Brussels have been very intensive. It was a good experience, I learned a lot of useful things about marketing, fabrics, fashion, managing and setting up a company and obviously living for the first time abroad was one of my dream that came true.
I am very glad I did what I did, and I would recommend to everybody.
At the beginning was difficult to settle in a new city and do a new job when you must speak another language different to yours. But later was easier and great.
In the office I finished to train Italian trainees for the last procedures such as invoices, shipping, orders, how to use WordPress for the website and Publisher program.
I checked several orders e put in order the folders in Dropbox.
In the showroom I created a corner for Vision, the limited collection of 12 fabrics inspired by Scabal’s collection of Salvador Dali paintings and took pictures.
Then I checked and set up the new collection fabrics Summer 2019 on the cards with the help of the guys.
On Black Friday, I changed pages on our website, to put our promotions about fabrics and sample cards sets.
In the rest of days, I did normal administration.
I helped the trainees to set up fabrics on the cards, explaining them how to do it.
Last Sunday finally I went to Ghent.
Wonderful Flemish city, very close to Brussels, just 40 minutes by train.
It is like Amsterdam for the architecture and the bridges over the river, but it is also medieval with its great Gravensteen, the Castle of the Counts.
I enjoyed this last journey despite the cold.
Thank you all for this amazing opportunity abroad.




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