It is incredible that my experience in London is going to finish very soon!
The time in the United Kingdom passed very quickly and I will never forget the magic Christmas here, because in London it lasts for about two months and the whole city shine and the people too! There have been Christmas events everywhere and I could enjoy it at many different shows and dinners with colleagues , friends and flatmates.
In the meantime, during the day at work, I had the chance of being completely involved in the most important bid of the year, the application process for a “Creative Europe” cooperation project. Obviously the preparation went on for months. In fact, at the beginning, months ago, we had to find and elaborate the winning idea and the winning partners. It was very interesting to put in practice what we had been learning from the European guidelines and above all it has been very useful for me and for my future association.

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After that we started with a very long and detailed description of the project with its objectives, priorities and activities. It is very important to specify that every week there were so many news that we had to change, modify and shape the project very often till the deadline. I can say it was a big and challenging bet!
I should say that what struck and astonished me more was the collaboration and cooperation between partners for all the time and along every situation. In fact, I have been helping with communications and documentations with them who have been always really kind and dedicated answering in the best and fastest way.
As a matter of fact I was very lucky ending up my EYE experience in this period of the year because I could participate in the complete development of the project and at the same time clarify any doubt I came across day by day.

I met so many interesting people and I came across so many useful ideas and stories that now I am ready to come back home really energized and ready to undertake the path for the creation of my own international european association “The International Island”.




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