The experience of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) is something you can’t expect. You plan an office exchange and at the beginning you think it should be really useful but also sometimes a little bit office-boring.
This is not my case. Thanks to EYE, I am now start to writing my report from Holland (the beautiful city of s-Hertongenbosch) when I was send by my Host organization to attend a fantastic project meeting on Social Enterprise with Erasmus Project KA2 ESSE partners from Holland, Sweden, UK and Italy (ESSEEUROPE.EU).


My project work is really focused on Social Enterprise sector and this meeting was the chance to understand better the evolving of the sector and his several features across Europe.

My exchange proceed also in structuring strong Sicily – Berlin networking. In the last week of April, my colleague and friend Paola of Bond of Union come to Berlin to attend a meeting with EBB Managing Director ( ).

We introduce our work in Palermo to Christin Muller and start to plan an agreement to develop joint projects. EBB is not the only one interested in developing projects with Sicily, as I understand in another great meeting with the social street – workers of Gangway ( another Berlin based organization in the network of EBB).


Supported by my Host, I have also decided to start a German curse: hard work! But I want really to understand better the opportunities and the people here to take the best for my ideas and work. Berlin is really a complex environment and a big body that transform himself every day: the language is a key asset and English is not enough for the challenge. I am a social entrepreneur and I like to develop project with the local community. A little bit more of German is useful for that!





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