I’m counting my 9th and 10th week of my exchange with this company. Unfortunately I will not extend the program for other two months, due to lack of funds.
I think I would have needed an additional period of learning, simply because what I want to do demands a very high degree of competence and above all a large number of objectives and aspects to be explored.
I decided, for the last month, to devote more time to the activities of CEAMA, in order to deepen the specific technical issues that will be developed during my business.


In particular I’m learning from the experience of the technicians who work in labs to learn how to manage very expensive equipment like this, starting with the theoretical basis of physical principles that are played. The theory joins the practice, thanks to experiments in progress and on tests done with qualified softwares.


laboratorio_ufficio tecnico

laboratorio_pc w.channel

The time is so short to learn the management in depth, but I’m always happy to share experiences and interests with these competent people.
Together with researchers and technicians, there are guys studying here who attend the Master’s degree, and every time there are great topics to discuss in a very pleasant but highly professional climate.
Definitely my first experience in a research center and in a hydraulic laboratory will be a baggage that I will always carry with me.




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