For the last part of my exchange I decided to devote precious time to the practical experience on the Ceama, place where the people make research, work for private clients and where I can grow fast. In these weeks I saw how to practically conduct experiments in the laboratory. The phases to be faced are long and each of them foresees a phase of preparation, an operational phase and one phase of data post-processing, the necessary elaboration to understand what the model has performed and the conformity with the attended results. Stimulating experience.




In particular the most remarkable experiments were: one on the field of wind, simulated in the gallery of wind to study the interaction of the wind field with a land in which there are photovoltaic panels (for a private client); the second is a test on the interaction between an obstacle (a floating wind turbine) and both the wind field and swells, made in the testing channel, in order to understand how to manage a systems like this in the reality (analysis for research purposes).

At the same time, I decided to spend some precious time in the Company. In the office we dedicated the time to the administrative and economic management, thanks to the precious help of Miguel Angel Gracia, the head administrator and Miguel Angel Terzero, the responsible of the accounting management for Invesia. As head administrator, Miguel Angel is the person that must have the control of everything that happens to Invesia, his availability has been really precious.

uffici_Miguel Angel

This is the end of this intense and rich period of exchange, full of satisfactions. I met special persons, competent and humble people, always ready to give me a hand and to share their experiences. I have to admit that I’m really sorry to leave everything, and that I wish I could extend my experience for other 2 months in Invesia Construcion y Servicios, but looking foward I am sure that the best way to give satisfaction to the people that have been nearby me will be to practice all of this that I have learned and to transfer, also with the help of the program EYE, my new competences in my territory, region in which I potentially think there is a lot of things to do.

uffici_Juan Manuel

Hasta luego.




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