Rome, the eternal city, place of history, culture, and art. It wasn’t my first time here in Italy, but you
cannot have enough of this place and every day you can explore something new. Now I‘m ready for my new adventure with the EYE!

The first week in My Baby Book photographic studio was very intense. Martyna, the owner of the company, told me the first day „Remember, photographic and artistic work is maybe 20% of your time. The rest is a real business.”. And it’s true. To run the photographic studio, focused on private clients and providing high-quality service, it’s not „just an easy job, taking pictures with the big camera” like a lot of people think about the job of the photographer.

My Baby Book specializes in modern portraits of families, pregnant women, newborns, and babies. The work focuses on providing high-quality photographic services, topped with fine-art prints and wall arts that can decorate the house of clients, and then can be even passed from generation to generation.

As far as I would like to focus in particular on photographing women and strengthening their self-confidence that way, I would also like to run my own photographic studio, offer unique service and sell beautiful fine-art-quality prints in the future.

For the beginning of my stay here, we focused on the office job. I’ve got familiar with all the necessary programs used for cataloging files, for post production and retouching, for blogging and internet marketing, as well as for customer management and invoicing. Although some of them I’ve known already, the challenge was to work with them in Italian! I’m very happy to learn this language during my stay.

During the first two weeks, I had the opportunity to join Martyna during a photo shoot. The first one was organized by the sea at the sunset. The main character was Micol Olivieri, a successful Italian actress who expects a baby. It was interesting to watch my host during shooting and how she works with the model. I recorded a video from the backstage of a photo shoot that turned out to be a hit when we published it on the My Baby Book Facebook page! Photos from the shoot and the video were used to create a mini marketing campaign to encourage people to book family photo shoots at the beach. Now we are waiting for messages from new potential clients!

Besides office and shooting work, Martyna showed me also the process of preparing packages for the clients. Manual framing printed photos in white passé-partout, gently packing them in a box and then into bags. It is necessary to have space both for storing packages and for already prepared bags waiting to be picked up by clients. It is also very important part of the photographer’s job. I’m curious to learn more about products that I can provide to my future clients, ordering and printing process, during my next months here in Italy.





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