My business idea is to open & run an electronic music label. Some friends gave me suggestions about the EYE project and I immediately thought “what a best place to make a similar experience than Berlin?”
So, thanks to some friends of mine, I came in contact with Chris, the owner of Steyoyoke Records, a Berlin-based electronic music label and I discovered his Apulian origins, exactly from my same home city.


We met unofficially last summer for speak about it and he was immediately interested in this exchange and to become my host. He made all things to complete the request documents online etc. and now I’m writing from my Berlin room.
From first days in office Chris made me feel at home, we exchanged impressions on the current music scene and immediately started talking to me about the actual situation around the music streaming, about goals and expectations.


In these first two weeks I’m learning every day a large number of notions about what’s new on Youtube and Spotify, but also how to approach with digital distributors, artists, label managers and all that’s behind the creation and promotion of a music release.


Chris is teaching me so many things, giving me also many marketing and web promotion’s notions, and I must to say that it’s a very exciting world, a little bit difficult today, of course, but very exciting and on the way to recover and develop.

I’m really excited and this beginning makes me happy for the next months & for the start of my business.




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