The two first weeks of my EYE with Brama theatre have been very intensives.

The community theater works as a family. His survival depends on the investment of all these members and pass by of long meetings where all the subjects are approached. There are the tasks of cleaning to be divided between all the members, among whom 6 voluntary young EVS people of various nationalities. There are important informations concerning organisation to be shared, issues to be clarify, shows to be prepared. Every week we have two important meetings, one practical and one more financial. Beside this, a lot of small meetings are organised, with local communities for exemple, about the coming micro-event that will take place in two villages in april. Concerning this event we met already three times the local communities in two different villages : Mosty and Kliniska.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4246,4244,4243,4242,4241,4240,4239″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”180″ height=”180″ title=”never”]

During those two weeks we were working more than 10 hours in average, week-end included because during those two week-ends I did perform in their latest show, called “Ghost Dance” and was assisting Daniel, the director for a new show with the EVS youngsters called “Natura Morte”. Anyway, when the temperatures stay below zero I think it’s better to be intensively occupied. Brama theatre is also giving workshops for different groups from different ages. During that period I gave few workshops of brain-body connections for the adult group in Goleniow but also for youngsters that assist to a show in Slupsk (the video), 170 kms away. There are alot of workshops given so that there are a lot of new knowledge and know-how to acquire.




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