Before coming to London

When I had the positive answer for my EYE programme exchange, it was already the beginning of a big adventure! I had the confirmation less than 3 weeks before leaving to London. And this city is not famous to be cheap. I immediatly booked my plane but very few rooms were still available. After hours looking for the good one, I finally booked mine. In Croydon, South Norwood, in the South of London. To be honest i was scared to be in a bad and dangerous neibourhood, dirty flat and with a weird roomate.

Then i was so impatient to start.

And I did!

First days in London

Everythimg was finally perfect. Nice area, super friendly roomate. Nice flat, cosy bedroom. A great cheap supermarket close and only 30 minutes from the office of my EH and city center.

First day at my EH’s office. Small web school but well located. I met all the team and start working. I also was super Lucky to have a beautiful wheather at that period of the year! October is usually not so famous for the weather in London.

Working with a British Entrepreneur

On the first Week, Mark and his manager both welcome me very good. They introduce me to the team and offer me a space to stay and work. He helped me with networking and more specifically with getting in touch with language schools.

Praticipating and organising events

For Nativing, my first goal was to developp the business by recruiting new English native coaches. Then I decided to organise events. My HE helped my by letting me organise one at his office.

I also Apply for the membership to Google incubator and coworking space. I have been accepted and I applied to organise also a collaborative language workshop there.

Of course, I participated every Week to many language exchanges created by meet up and couchsurfing.


Entrepreneur’s experience in London : new partnerships

Working with my HE was really profitable for my entrepreneurial project, first of all thanks to his contacts. He actually introduced me to a London language school with whom I started a partnership. That is exactly what I was looking for when I decided to participate to EYE program.

On the other hand, I had some research in order to provide to my HE a framework and a presentation in order to structure his project with basic data and information on his market.

Fantastic event and feedbacks : the language show

I also had the great opportunity to exhibit to the European most important language Event in London : the language show. It was a huge preparation in order to be really efficient and turn it into a profitable event. And it worked ! During 3 days I met and talked about Nativing to more than 300 people. Most of them gave me very positive feedbacks, some even suscribed to become an English native language coach, others were interested to travel to France with us.

Meet inspiring people

During the language show I met a man who learnt more than 16 languages. It is so insipring that I asked him for an interview. You can see it on my facebook profil Cedric Nativing.

Language workshop at Academy Class

My HE also helped me with organising a collaborative language workshop in his office. He let me doing it in one of his classroom. Then I advertised and I had more then 30 registrations. The principle of the event was to practice English French and Spanish doing games and having fun. According to me the best way to improve a language. The participants loved it and then also suscribed as a coach on our platform




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