The first two weeks of my stay in Holland have been really intense. My host, the creative cooperative Het Domijn, operates right next to Amsterdam, in the town of Weesp. They take charge of a post-industrial park, where trains used to be built.

Today the entire area is dominated by artists, designers, performers, and creators of all kinds imaginable. Each member has their own business, and as a collective they run a number of business ventures. I was very lucky with my arrival date. On the day of my arrival a big event was beginning there, called Showman’s Fair. It was a 5 day long festival of circus, music and performance. It was an incredible experience, and a great setting to meet members of Het Domijn for the first time.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5037,5038,5039,5040,5041″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] I have experience in organizing large-scale events, so it was also great to see how the collective operates. We exchanged insights, mainly concerning marketing the event as well as different ways of interacting with the public. I see two great projects at the Host collective, in which I could get involved a little bit deeper: De Parade (which is a bigger version of Showman’s Fair) and AirWorks (inflatable decor).

I also had a number of meetings with people working in the creative scene in Amsterdam, in order to grow the network needed for my business. I want to develop a pitch event for my idea, and from the initial conversations I had it seems the best time for such a show would probably be the end of September. I’ve also been developing the program of the first course, offered by the Academy. I think I will focus on themes connected with machine learning and artificial intelligence, combined with art and design.

I will continue to acquaint myself with the rest of the members of the Host’s business (60 people total) and working on the program of the Academy.




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