My first two weeks have been based on the mutual introduction between me and the HE reality and work environment.
Tony introduced me to the staff and also presented me their current projects, works and activities. I’ve discussed about my background and business ideas with the Host and we agreed on some near future steps.
The Host explained me their current communication guideline and I started to work on the communication of one of their youth related project in order to share with them my skills in social media managing and become confident with their marketing strategies; in the next weeks we’ll review my business plan on this aspect and could work on an integration of both our strategies.
I’ve already had a chance to have some introducing meeting with a couple of clients which I may work directly in the upcoming weeks as a designer.
I’ve also started shadowing a kind colleague Susan, who is working on a mentoring project for members of the local community in Wood Green. I’ve already had the chance to share with her some ideas about some learning activities and workshops programs.

This beginning has been positive under many aspect, first because of the amazing life of London that is full of opportunities behind every corner but most of all thanks to the extraordinary, unexpected warm and sunny weather I found here!
The office is sited in Wood Green, a borough in the northern area of the city which is in the middle of the redevelopment of its Cultural Quarter so it is extremely active in this sense and there are a lot of cultural events on going. I reach the office by bike and it’s quite a long journey but it give me the opportunity to explore a large portion of London with these amazing sunny days!
Anyway I’m going to move in a closer house next month and I already had some good suggestions from my colleagues about good places where to live!

We’ll see what EYE reserves for me on the upcoming weeks.




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