First month in Berlin was so beautiful!

Mitosis is a wonderful place where you can work thanks especially for the coworkers: they are all young people from all the parts of Europe, most of them are freelances, experts in different fields, from the architecture to economy, translation, software developer, etc. etc.
We are having great fun together, especially during the lunch time, when I usually cook the italian food!
I have a lot of tasks from Mitosis: I’m planning a marketing digital plan for the social networks, writing projects and sometime I have to manage the other office, Mitosis 2, for the meeting of external companies.

And we are “building” together the new part of Mitosis, Mitosis Factory: it’s an incredible new space always in Neukölln, bigger than the other office, always “Berliner Style”!

This experience gave me the possibility to know new people and work with them too: I met this amazing guy, Martin Barthel, and he asked me the collaboration for some european project with his NGO, CRN (Comparative Research Network), and I really hope to continue to collaborate with him when I’ll be in Italy again.

I have visited the city in my free time, and I have tried to see as much as possible! First of all the Museum Island (Museumislen), 5 museums in the centre of the city where you can find the National German Gallery with the most important German artist of the past, the Altes Museum with Roman and Greek arts, the Neues Museum with Egiptyan arts, and the Pergamonmuseum with Mesopatim arts and the Babylon gate (rebuilt within the museum).
But my favourite museum was the Natural History Museum! The museum houses more than 30 million zoological, paleontological, and mineralogical specimens, including more than ten thousand type specimens. It is famous for two exhibits: the largest mounted dinosaur in the world (a Giraffatitan skeleton), and a well-
preserved specimen of the earliest known bird, Archaeopteryx.
For the next month I planned some trip out from Berlin in my free time, and some friends are coming to visit me!
I’ll let you know!




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