Woow 3 weeks passed by very quickly! I am very happy to be in Valencia and work with 13genius!
Mr Marcos who is the owner of the company welcomed me very warmly with the whole team and I could feel to be a part of it very quickly. The whole team is very young, friendly and funny. My first days went mostly on getting familiar with the company its structure, projects and goals.

By far I am involved in one very big international project which requires from me to contact a lot with other business owners, which is very good because I can practice my communication and negotiation skills.
What is good is that we work with Mr Marcos very close, he sits next to me. Just look on the picture! 🙂 And I really appreciate it because on a daily basis I can see how he manages his team.

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I was really positively surprised that 13genius is based now in a business centre where are many different companies as well and the space is pretty open. I really appreciate it because I am able to network also with other business owners during a lunch break and get to know their businesses as well.

Mr Marcos introduced me also to the Valencia business network. We went together to two business networking meetings where I had the chance to learn how to build business relations on a higher level.

Three weeks went really quickly but they were really intensive too. I am looking forward for the next days. It is a real pleasure to work with 13genius because I can learn a lot and at the same time have a great time here 🙂

During the weekends I try to go somewhere outside Valencia with my new friends 🙂 Valencia and places around are very beautiful!.

And one more thing! I started to learn Spanish as well 🙂

Hasta luego!




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