Hello everyone!

Finally I started my EYE working in Casanova + Hernandez architects, an architecture office based in Rotterdam and involved in several fields such as architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.

My first 3 weeks were really busy and stimulating at the same time. We worked in different kind of intervention and in different scales: from architecture to the urban field. This increased a lot my professional skills in job planning and project development (in its different phases, from the preliminary to the details).

28/08 – 10/09
During the first two weeks, we started working in architecture. I was involved in a building project (final phase) and I had worked specifically in studying of structure (preliminary) and interior, mainly in 3D. Furthermore we worked in a graphic presentation of the same project and I could improve my graphic skills, working on programs such as inDesign and thinking in different layouts.

It was really interesting cause for the first times I had to work on this subjects in a well – rounded environment and I could understand how to plan a job during the day and in a long period: at the beginning of the day we fixed with a meeting the different tasks under the management of our bosses. After this, during the whole day, they review our work, allowing us to achieve a goal within the end of the day.

11/09 – 24/09
During my second bi – weekly period, we have been working hard in urban field: we made preliminary analysis concerning to feasibility studies and we learned how to approach with urban issues. At first we studied the city from the maps and we empathized with the culture and the different problems. After this, we started a real mapping about a supposed intervention area related to the existing situation, the opportunities, the weakness and the strengths of the site. It was really a meticulous research and I can improve my knowledges acquired at university, also because concerning a real situation. In addiction, we prepared the whole digital documentation to work on it (maps and dwg) and we prepared a presentation about the entire job.

25/09 – 08/10
My third bi-weekly period was focused again on the building. Specifically, I worked on detailing. At the beginning I worked on sections and I detailed all of them according to all technical requirements. After this, i built the 3d, replacing the new structure and filling it with architecture and finishes. Moreover, we prepared the bases necessary for the next interior studies.

Thanks for you attention and… update soon!!




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