When I got the chance to exploit the EYE program, I couldn’t believe it!
6 months to spend in Brussels, working as young entrepreneur with experienced and valuable
entrepreneurs, sharing our know-how, learning from each other, enjoying and visiting the city that is the hearth of UE…sounds wonderful! And a challenge as well!

The HE belongs is a little company called BXL Europe, working in the field of EU funding and they do a lot of different european projects and for me this is the perfect place to be and learn now, since I’ve made my experiences in Italy, doing and coordinating different cultural projects with no a real and experienced knowing about funding mechanism.

It will be useful having a deeper insight into this work in order to put into practice all my competencies in my own future job.

During the first days of my entrepreneurial exchange, I got the chance to know the two entrepreneurs
who are running the company, Roberto Guglielmi and Riccardo Barile.
They show me the office and how the building works as co-working space where many companies have
their own representative office in order to mantain public international relations and develop their network.
They described to me the structure of their organization, especially how does it work being a belgian
organization, legally, economically, financially.

Moreover, they immediately put me into the real work, describing how each project begins, develops and
is implemented, and the timing. They also organize events at the Parliament and they have a lot of
requests to teach EU funding in many training courses in Italy, so they let me use their worksheets in
order to begin to study all about EU funding world.

I am looking forward to the next weeks since I will study a lot about projects and I will have the chance to read some of projects recently written for the new call for proposals applications.




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