This is a project done for one year with different theatrical companies, Teatro delle Albe from Ravenna – another from Naples – IAC, and in partnership with a community of migrants on the village. The show was created on different places, in San Chirico and Matera with the young of the theatre lessons, for a final show with 30 actors!

We had to do all the installation for this show on a polyvalent place. Lights, structures… We worked with the company of Matera Be Sound, and I’ll work again with them on the festival organized by IAC on July. During the tries and the show, I did not do the technics because there was the person from Be Sound who was in charge of this.

I worked with another video maker from Milan who wants to realise a documentary about the project. So we shot all the tries, the village, the relations between the adolescent.

“Il commissario Calamaro” Venerdi allo IAC

For this show, we help to install the stage, because there wasn’t got technics that I can do – the show is absolutely autonomous on light and sound.
So I take some photos during the show, for the communication of the IAC and for the company that we had host.

“In cerca di un commune approdo”
That was the thirst for me, and the first in a different place – at Laterza, in Puglia. That was really interesting to adapt the technics to a different place (because the stage was smaller, and the location really different). But we have succeeded to adapt the light map without denatured the spectacle – with 4 lights less.




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