About two months at BrewBaker have passed by and the job proceeds really well!

As I explained in my past diary post, my business idea is a brewpub, an artisan brewery, including a bar and a small professional kitchen, that offers an innovative approach to local cuisine and artisan beer culture.

In addition to the production work, I’m studying the combination of beer and food on my own. I am still new to the game but I try to approach the whole issue also from a beer sommelier’s perspective. In my free time I study the issue reading books. Furthermore a lot of incredible places I found going around in Berlin give me a lot of inspiration.

As a professional bartender it is really important to offer an appropriate combination of food and drinks. Usually the clients are not well informed. They are often confused about the right pairing of food and drinks. Therefore you should try to come up with the right accompaniment.

For me the accompaniment to food is an elegant way to highlight certain aspects of a dish. It has the capacity to hold back when the dish requires full attention and generates a lively mood amongst guests with its esprit. Beer is a versatile accompaniment to food. Anyone willing to explore its diversity will find the ideal drink for every dish and every course. The world of beer covers the entire range of taste intensities, from delicate to robust, from very little alcohol to the ultra-strong. Beer can land a sweetness derived from the malt, while hops provide bitterness and aromas of citrus, exotic fruits, herbs, or earthy notes. Beer can be sour like Lambiks or display roast aroma with salty, licorice-like accents as in the case of Imperial Stout. And finally there is the carbon dioxide: its bubbles clean the tongue and it is very welcome with creamy, hearty or piquant dishes. The carbonation – lively, fine bubbled velvety, or delicated effervescent – also contributes texture and flatters the palate.

beer_foodI hope I will extend my knowledge about this incredible topic!





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