Now, I’m living my last ten days of my ERASMUS for Entrepreneur Application, it considered for me as the best and fruitful professional experience that I have performed. It was full of challenge and dare; I collaborate with some big companies like: Magneti Marelli Bari, Deloitte and CNH Lecce. Therefore, I attain the most of expectations and objectives regarding entrepreneurial and technical skills.

Let’s continue this entrepreneurial adventure. In my last publication, I talked about the collaboration with Magneti Marelli Bari, and the need of several VR application for training.
I didn’t hesitate to accept that deal even if the amount of time to achieve that project was critical for me; knowing that I work alone. Thus, I dedicate my full time to perform these applications even on vacancies. I should notice that -in the case of that client- the VR application should be with zero error or bug. In other terms, it should be considered as a stable version.

Finally, and after several tests, I achieved to make all the VR applications on one platform as you can see in the next figure:

Magneti Marelli Platform

The operator has a possibility to select one operation using LASER RayCaster (This technic is typical on VR Applications). Also, he can switch loosely between each operation. In this application, I have added ergonomic and safety as facultative option (see next figures) mainly to impress this potential client.

Indication VR User Interface


Safety VR UI


Order of assembly VR UI


Ergonomic VR UI

I released for them this VR application, and now I’m waiting for their reply and feedback.
To conclude this adventure, I want just to say that this match is considered as the rich experience that I have perform ever. In fact, just in six months, I learned thousands of technical and Entrepreneurial skills. In other hand, I met several client, expert and engineers. Therefore, thanks for Eye Application, I can confront any challenge when I will create my Enterprise.




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