My EYE mobility is over. Now it is the time to reflect on the obtained experience, learned skills, and gained knowledge. Just to give you a bit of background, I spent almost 6 months in Spain doing my exchange with a very dynamic company. During my stay there, my HE completely changed their business development strategy. Given the situation with Covid19, they moved from offline to online – and it was a super interesting transformation experience for me.

Do I regret doing my EYE mobility during Covid-19?

Covid-19 indeed affected my exchange a lot, but I would not say that my experience was worse. My experience was different because of Covid-19, but not worse. I learned a lot about crisis management, the fast-changing business environment, and problem-solving. This experience taught me to be more flexible and adapt fast. I am sure, it will help me a lot to create a modern, competitive company. Thus, no, I don’t regret my decision to do my EYE in 2020. It was amazing.

What did I learn?

I mentioned my learnings in the previous article, see my second story . Here I will give you a quick reminder. During my stay with Corkscrew (it is the name of my company), I learned to use marketing and sale tools (PipeDrive, Hootsuite, Canva, etc.); I got more confidence when it comes to networking and business communication; I upgrade my SMM and researching skills; I got a better understanding of the financial part of the business. I got to know a lot of entrepreneurs from Spain and other EU countries, and their stories inspired me a lot.

What would I recommend to those who want to participate in EYE program?

  1. Define one business idea that you have in your head (heart) and go for it. You have to do a lot of research to prepare your business plan, but it worth it, since after you will have a very clear vision of your future enterprise. You will see where is your strength and weaknesses, so during the EYE mobility, you can focus on your weaknesses.
  2. Choose your host entrepreneur carefully, at least you have to share the same values. Remember that you can learn more if your HE’s business is relevant to your business idea.
  3. Be proactive during your stay, ask questions, tell your HE what you would like to learn, and don’t be afraid to propose solutions for your HE’s business. This program is a unique chance to get valuable entrepreneurship experience, don’t waste the opportunity.

From my side, it is time to say thank you to my HE and my IO for being so supportive, and for the opportunity that they gave me. It was an important chapter in my life if not a life changing experience. I did not feel so motivated for a long time.

Thank you!







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