Hello everyone, here is my last story!

During my exchange in New York, I attended several conferences, like the ‘Never It is too late to start NYC’. In this conference, I had the opportunity to network with different women entrepreneurs and connect with them. Thanks to the panels I was able to hear advice from top female entrepreneurs. It was useful to hear their testimony as women entrepreneurs in New York City. I also had a 1:1 mentorship session with one of the mentors from Score.

Moreover, I attended different events and met amazing entrepreneurs. One of them is the co-founder of Makesense. He is currently a scholar from the Obama Foundation and is also taking a leadership course at Columbia University. We had the opportunity to meet and develop more of the Makesense community in New York City. As a consequence, he invited me to attend the UN 75 Launch at the United Nations New York HQ, where over 100 young people came to represent the minorities of groups. I represented the voice of indigenous people in Peru. The event launch was about establishing more strategies to bring young people and senior delegates from the United Nations together to establish better global policies.

I also had the opportunity to participate in a workshop taking place at the UN church, where different organisations’ representatives came to bring new ideas of establishing better strategies to protect minorities groups.

Finishing the EYE exchange, my current objectives for Nuna Peru’s development are:

  1. Testing new product development;
  2. Brainstorming to develop an App (NunaApp) to connect Artisans with the customer;
  3. Establish partnerships in New York city to sell the goods there.



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