I have now reached the end of my EYE program and it was such a great experience!

Through the last months I have been focused on how a product is created, produced and put on sale! This included design methodology, production, pricing and marketing strategies. I enjoyed this process a lot as it is really rewarding and motivating to see your own creation in a shop and appreciated by other people. For the marketing strategy I have discovered how to edit videos to showcase products and how to promote on social media and websites. At the same time as my entrepreneurship progressed, my desire to run my own business increased.

The last month of this EYE program has been incredible! Indeed, my host entrepreneur Dora works with women in a village in Tanzania for the fabrication of her products! I had the chance to go to this Gongo Village to meet these women, work with them and understand how they collaborate with Dora and Africanism. I just want to say wow, such a beautiful experience! I am glad I saw how these women live and manage their life and work style. I understand even more how it is important as an entrepreneur to be aware of where the products are made and in which condition. I want to support ethical and fair businesses and make sure that mine will be. This experience also makes me want to work with other people and create a social impact.

Now my program has come to an end, I feel like it is only the beginning of a long journey! With the help of my host entrepreneur, I feel the motivation, support and confidence to start on my own! I am now rethinking a few things concerning the business I want to develop but it makes me even more excited about it. I want to say thank you to my host entrepreneur Dora, to the Gongo Mamas and to this Erasmus program. With this trip to Africa it was a life changing experience.




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