It has been two months since I started my exchange, meaning I am halfway through the programme. The last couple of weeks were intense, demanding and very productive. From day one, I started asking numerous questions about various aspects of how a design studio works. At first, the amount of received information was a little overwhelming, but I managed to organise them in my head. As a result, I can quickly shift my mind from one thing to another and be involved in different studio conversations.

By now, I have learned how the creative side of the business works. I was introduced to the ‘Design Phases’, meaning how an architectural/furniture design project is handled from the beginning to the end. As the length of the projects varies between a couple of weeks and a few years, I was practically involved and closely working on the first half of the ‘Design Phases’.

As design studios provide service to a client, it was relevant to see how this business relationship between two parties is maintained throughout the ‘Design Phases’. Thus, I was involved in meetings with a few clients. I had an opportunity to see what needs to be prepared beforehand, how the presentation is presented and how to ‘sell’ the design.

I have realised that having good relationships with all parties involved in a project is crucial. Not only does it make the job go faster but also create a healthy and pleasant work environment. However, the thing I had not considered before creating my business plan was how much time it takes to both expand the professional network as well as maintain those connections.

The upcoming months seem to be a thrilling period as some of the projects I was involved in are going to the next phase. Thus, I will have an opportunity to gain practical knowledge on producing product specification sheets for a manufacturer. I will see how the process of transforming 2D drawings into 3D physical objects is done. Furthermore, a few site visits would be carried out, which would teach me how the supervision is done and what to look out for during one of those.




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