Navigating the Entrepreneurial Seas: Insights from the Midpoint of my Erasmus Journey

Halfway through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, time seems to be slipping through my fingers, yet every day I am learning something new and exciting. Since my last reflection, the journey has taken me to various food conferences, each offering a unique panorama of insights and connections. Among them, Proveg in Berlin stands out, providing the chance to network with venture capitalists and fellow plant-based startups across Europe. ANUGA, touted as the world’s largest food expo, was another milestone, offering a global perspective on the industry. Additionally, a conference led by ATOVA delved into food regulatory matters, offering workshops and interactions with industry experts.

These experiences have been instrumental, providing me with a multifaceted understanding of the intricacies of running a food business. The exposure to different facets of the industry has broadened my horizons and deepened my insights into the challenges and opportunities that abound.

In the interim, my involvement with Esencia has evolved. Taking on a role in their traction strategy, I engaged with local food businesses in Barcelona, showcasing Esencia’s products and securing Letters of Intent (LOI). This hands-on experience not only contributed to Esencia’s growth but also afforded me a firsthand look at the process of putting together a data room for investors and navigating the complexities of securing initial funding rounds.

One notable addition to our routine at Esencia is the introduction of innovation sessions every other Friday. These sessions, aimed at enhancing agility and communication within the company, have become a source of inspiration and collaboration. It’s a ritual that I’ve found particularly valuable and one that I eagerly anticipate incorporating into the HYGGURT team in the future.

Looking ahead to the next few months, the landscape is ripe with opportunities for growth. I am looking forward to embracing the challenges and successes that lie ahead. The midpoint of this entrepreneurial journey has been marked by invaluable experiences, and I am confident that the lessons learned will continue to shape my path in the dynamic world of startups.




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