Us from the south again!

Our adventure continues here in Sant’Eufemia’s gulf. The upcoming beautiful spring welcomes the advancement of our collaboration which is reaching the middle of its total duration of six months. It began in the cold of January 2021 with a project that has kept our minds warm with the frenetic production that concerns electrically powered pleasure boats: the idea is advancing in its digital development, not far from a possible real development, if any sponsors come into play!

The new orientation of today’s market, the continuous choice of electric engine, and its exponential diffusion is creating a time of change that we are experiencing with ferment and passion. This is making me very happy to carry out the design activities in this wonderful, very suggestive land: rich in tradition but now devoted to progress and breaking drastically with the patterns of the past, able to promote more and more initiatives like this… Furthermore, I have always been in contact with the boatbuilder industry in the design offices in which I had experience before, but only in indirect way. Here, on the other hand, I feel the contact with the production site, and I always have under my eyes different models of boats that form and leave the production line to be distributed all over the world, amazing!

They have been intense and very laborious weeks, full immersed in this structure that bases its business on craftwork and by which I am learning a lot about the industrialization and management aspects of a family-run little shipyard; I found exciting that a small company can enter in the international market and create a strong identity through the quality of the manufacturing of its products! The thing that struck me the most are the sale activities, the direct relationship with customers. The reason why I chose to undertake this EYE program is to create an executive project which can be realized starting from one’s own idea, and this is starting to get a real shape. I am very happy about the choice of the Host with who we are mirroring the progress table drawn up in my previous reports. In fact, we always keep the objectives we propose for the week fixed and, in the meantime, I have the possibility to constantly observe everything that happens in a multifunctional office.

I hope my idea can have the possibility to get from digital into real, so as to start embarking on the business dream that is growing in my mind for several years and that I am experiencing more and more, here in Calabria.

At the end of the program fixed for July 8, the promotional materials will be ready, and will allow this new vision of transport and recreational activities to be known around the globe. I hope to get to the end of this!




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