My Erasmus experience in Spain, Vic and Moià, BCN Drone Centre

I’m Szilvia, and I want to share my incredible Erasmus experience at the BCN Drone Center in Spain, in Moià. I joined the EYE program on July 1st, I was fortunate enough to be hosted by Jordi Salvador’s dedicated team. Working with Jordi and his team at the BCN Drone Centre is an absolute privilege.

BCN Drone Center is truly remarkable and stands out as one of the best and most unique UAV test centers worldwide. It serves as a comprehensive hub for all the essential information you need about UAVs, drone regulations, training, and certifications.

In my first week, I had the opportunity to attend the UAS Applications Workshop. This workshop allowed me to immerse myself in a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, as I listened and learned from emerging startups, local authorities working with drones, and industry leaders in the aerospace industry.

I’m collaborating closely with Alex Samara as we develop our project together. Our goal is to introduce drones in STEM education classes and provide comprehensive training to schools and teachers on these innovative digital technologies. Witnessing the positive impact our project can have on education fills me with immense joy and fulfilment. The EYE program is a perfect instrumental in facilitating this collaborative effort.

As a young entrepreneur, I am very glad to learn from industry leaders in Spain and I look forward to our continuous collaboration with such an amazing and inspiring team.




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