Scandinavian chapter of life

Hello! My name is R., and I recently started a 4-month exchange (from October to February) in Copenhagen.

I gained my degrees in Architecture and Architectural Design in both the United Kingdom and Australia. During my studies, I started doing freelance jobs as a photographer and CGI artist. Those experiences awoke my ‘entrepreneur’s soul’ and made me think about starting a design business in the near future.

However, to succeed in business, I still needed to deepen my knowledge and develop particular skills. Thus, instead of doing internships or finding employability, I decided to apply for the EYE programme. The programme was recommended by a friend of mine who finished their exchange. The main factor that pushed me into this decision was that the programme allows young entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and observe how successful businesses are run – and that is what I was looking for.

For my Host Entrepreneur I chose the founder of my admired Architectural practice. I am fond of the studio’s philosophy, style and work they produce. Thus, learning about the company’s business strategies and seeing how everything is done “behind the scenes” is enormously beneficial not only for my personal growth but also for the professional one. Because of my Host’s transparency, I receive clear answers to my questions, which are helpful to build a picture of a “successful business”. By reflecting upon the things I learn every day, I create a foundation for the strategies and ideas to be applied in my future practice.

To experience living in one of the Nordic countries was always on my to-do list. My fascination with Scandinavian design, cinematography, and art helped me quickly settle in Copenhagen. Out of the four countries I have lived in, Denmark makes me the most feel at home.




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