Kαλημέρα !

My name is Louissia, and I started my EYE program on the 1st of June with Dora Bitsi and her company Africanism in Raches, Greece.

I just finished my studies where I learned about woodworking, product design and play design. I decided to combine all this knowledge to create my own company where I design and produce wooden products for, and especially, with the user.

“Africanism” is an ethical slow fashion and home product company that collaborates with women in Tanzania so they can be independent. The company also involves the local community in Greece offering workshops, where Dora, my host entrepreneur, shares her knowledge and creativity, wishing to develop a more engaged community.

I decided to collaborate with Dora because we share the same values. Together we can explore sustainable design, craft products, and co-creation processes.

My first two weeks here have been about discovering the company story, the products and the way Dora works. I have been part of the production and I learnt about sewing. Together we researched and experimented with new product ideas as well as zero waste workshops that I will facilitate thereafter.

It has been only two weeks and I already learnt a lot. I am looking forward to going deeper in business management. I am grateful for this experience that just started. Everyone is welcoming and more than a professional experience, being in this multicultural environment is also a precious personal growth. I am excited to see what the next months have to bring!




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