New Entrepreneur

new entrepreneur

Who can apply

You can apply as new entrepreneur if you are an aspiring entrepreneur (in the initial phase of your career) and seriously resolved on starting up your own business, if you have started your own business within the last 3 years and if you have a concrete business idea or project and permanently reside in one the EU countries participating in the programme.


In order to be admitted to the programme, you will need to be ready to contribute to the development of the experienced entrepreneur’s business of another participating country, by sharing your skills and abilities and simultaneously acquiring the know-how needed for your business.
There are no age limits and the business activities can relate to any sector.
As new entrepreneur, you will need to demonstrate you hold a sound educational and professional preparation and a feasible business idea as well as business vision, commitment, initiative and creativity.
Furthermore, you have to be prepared to contribute with additional funds to cover the costs of your stay in case the grant awarded by the EU is not sufficient for the purpose.
Through an online application, you are required to provide a curriculum vitae and a description of skills, experience, education, language skills, current business sector and motivation to work abroad.

Benefits for the new entrepreneurs

As new entrepreneur, you will greatly benefit from the programme, as you will have the opportunity to:
• improve your business plan thanks to a stay up to six months with an experienced entrepreneur in another EU country that will allow you to gain relevant knowledge about all aspects of business start-up, marketing and sales, financial accounting, customer relations, business finance, etc.;
• develop specific technical skills and personal and professional growth;
• expand your network of professional acquaintances and develop lasting business collaborations across borders;
• test yourself within different cultural and organizational systems and learn about business realities across borders, which will enrich your experience.

The success and usefulness of this great experience will depend on your commitment and contribution to it.

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