Last week I’ve been in England with Malcom to visit the hops farm and to pick the fresh hops up. It has been a great day for me, I’ve seen like it works a real British hops company and I’ve also assisted to seminars about the most recent researches about hops that concern also my Universities studies. Malcolm have introduced me to a lot of people that are the core of the British brewing sector so that I can ask them a lot of question about hops and brewing.

After the day passed visiting the farm, we picked up 20 sacks of fresh hops because the day after I was going to brew the new beer in the new big plant. During the trip back we decided the recipe and some tricks to obtain the best beer with these really fresh ingredients.

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I’ve passed the Friday brewing under the directive of Chris, that allowed me to touch his dear plant. During the week I’ve taste the beer, called Green Gold due to hop’s variety name (Golding), that results to be very good, enough to be chosen to be one of the beers that are going to represent the brewery during a very important Italian beer festival, the Eurohop Festival. I’m very proud of her!

I’ve enjoyed my stay in this great company, the people have been fantastic and I’ve learned much more than I expected, I hope to come back in the future, hopefully with my beers!
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