Everything has its end and my stay in Valencia also.

This four months went very quickly! It was an amazing experience to be here.
The thing that I appreciate the most it the opportunity to learn how to run a business abroad. It opened my perspective to look further and that the market and new possibilities are just out there easy to reach.
Together with Marcos we managed to start a brand new project with chatbots. We created a landing page, A/B testing, e-mail marketing campaign, fb campaign and much more!

I had the opportunity to see a lean startup strategy on real case. It is about how to implement a new product or service on a very low cost and very quickly to validate the idea and develop it further. We managed to reach the US market which made me more brave in my business decisions.
I am very excited because we still want to continue working on this project. We received a very good feedback from the business.

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It is over of my exchange but it is not over of my Spanish adventure. Within those four months I managed to build here a business network and I met a lot of business people and I plan to still be in contact with them.

I would truly recommend Erasmus for Entrepreneurs for anyone who wants to build his/her own business it gives a chance not only to learn from a more experienced entrepreneur but living abroad itself also broadens your thinking, make you more brave and confident which is very important in business.