Time management is not only about keeping a diary to record your ‘to-do’ lists. Time management is a very important business skill. It is about creating maximum value for a business out of the hours spent in a day. It is about using the chance and opportunities that each second brings with it, to the office’s benefit.

Main Topics:

  1. Time in Business Architecture
  1. Time Habits for Architects’ needs
    • Time for Personal Habits
    • Time for Work Habits
  1. Deadlines
    • The importance of being On Time
  1. Stress Control
    • How to plan the working time
  1. Poor Time Management
    • The Symptoms of Poor Time Management

There are many time management strategies. Each person selects those strategies that will work for him or her, and arranges them into a system. A system that is used by everyone in the firm. And the only time management scheme that will function perfectly for you which is developed by yourself or at least one that you adapt to your own demands.

time management



MARKETING Weeks 11 – 12

Successful architectural firms go out today to win new projects, promote their design, market their firms and are not only recognized by their buildings but also by their brand value. Unfortunately, little in the education of most architects has ever given them even the most basic understanding of how to sell what they do. This category will focus on the following topics:

  1. Promoting the design
  2. Market the Firm
  3. Creating a Brand step by step
  4. Manage technical work and marketing simultaneously
  5. Marketing: Not a new task
  6. Identifying Customers’ Needs
  7. Market Research / Gap Analysis
  8. Competitors
  9. Create a Marketing Budget
  10. Create a Plan
  11. Dreams, Visions, Interests, Wants





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