My first month in Delft (South Netherland) was a great experience. Let me tell you why.

I am working with a startup called vsparticle, they are disruptive innovators in the nanoparticle’ sector. The first approach was quite hard to me because, as a communication specialist, I didn’t know so much about hi-tech and new materials sector. But they’ve been gentle explaining me as much as I could’ve understood about their work, then I was able to follow their conversations and also be helpful with my skills.

My first week with vsparticle coincided with the launch of the website and social networks, so I was directly involved in the process from the first days and it was exciting.

Now with the guide of the marketing manager, I am actually building the communication plan and following meetings, discussions with investors and team building sessions. At the moment my role is working on improving the website, collecting contents and following the social media campaign we are running.

Everything here looks so far from the process we have to follow in Italy, Dutch approach is more pragmatic and fluid at the same time. They have a strong structure provided by the University (TUDelft is one of the best technical universities in Europe) that gives to everyone (who deserves it) the chance to start a business. In fact, we work in a startup building inside the Campus, where all the startups have an office and the possibility to share their project with the others.

This environment is really inclusive and inspiring also thanks to weekly based meetings, business events, investors days and drinking nights everyone can join.

Next week will be exciting because we will have a business event going on in our office, so I will have the chance to meet investors, entrepreneurs and people working in this interesting sector.

I will update you also about it!




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