On 11th of October, I landed in Brussels to begin my experience at Conexx-Europe the next day. For the past year, I had been working on La Central Verde, a website that aims to facilitate the incorporation of sustainability principles into the activities of SMEs as well as boost green employment in Spain.

Conexx-Europe is a non-profit organisation associated to the Free University of Brussels (ULB) that facilitates and promotes research, cooperation and development on education and employment within the EU and between the EU and the rest of the world. Within the projects they are working on there is one about social responsibility in universities across Europe. Providing support to this project alongside other day-to-day tasks would me my input to Conexx-Europe.

My experience at Conexx-Europe allows me to understand the day-to-day running of an organisation for which visibility, not only of the organisation itself but also of the projects they work on, is crucial. La Central Verde is at the stage of gaining visibility so potential users can be attracted. Additionally, it gives me the opportunity to get experience in activities I had not previous experience at all, such as the seek of funding opportunities at European and national level or the presentation and implementation of projects funded though the various European programmes such as Horizon 2020 or Erasmus+.

Brussels is the European capital and as such, there are numerous European institutional and industry events taking place at the city. In particular, and given the proximity of the COP 21 at Paris, there has been a lot of activity around the climate and sustainability topic. I have been attending some of these events, an opportunity to find out what is the latest from the European Institutions, meet people in the network and share updates from these events in the form of posts published on the Conexx-Europe website.

Lately, being based in Brussels for a few months is a perfect opportunity to learn French as there are numerous schools with high quality and very affordable prices. Brussels is a very international, easy going and lively city!

Here is a picture of me with part of Conexx-Europe team, in our office at the ULB campus.

Conexx_Erasmus 2

Conexx Erasmus




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