Thank you Brama for hosting me during all those months and give me the opportunity to experience the power of community theatre. All those months had been focused to prepare a ten day festival with 300 international artists.

The micro-events that we organise in two villages during the springtime was a small preparation. Small but very important.The link we created with the local communities allowed us to count on many helpers, both to find actors or extras for the many shows programmed, but also new spectators. We received a lot of amazing feedback. People want to come to the theatre, they want to collaborate, to help. After the opening show where we manage to work with more than 100 actors and extras on “the Wall” of Pink Floyd, the inhabitants of Goleniow expressed their gratitude. They understand the power of creation, of open mind, of working together.

A lot of new links were created between all different people. I think we manage to break a wall between inhabitants of Goleniow and the theatre Brama and maybe some inner walls. Now, after all this work and experiences, I have the vision to create an “Art Research Center” somewhere near Szczecin. I am completely integrate into this Pomeranian region. I already have options to go and give workshops and performances in Crete, India, Nepal, Italy and Poland.

This Erasmus Young Entrepreneur experience gave me confidence and new perspectives. I want to thank the Belgian organisation (Cooperation Bancaire pour l’Europe) that helped me to manifest this experience and mostly few human beings without whom I could not make it : Amy, Jenny, Adela, Luccio, Gabriele, Valeria, Anati, Daniel, Tomek and Monika. Now it’s time to find the good place to plant my new seed : Ideation Art creating an Art Research Center.




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