We are entering in a completely new chapter of woodworking: woodturning. It is an independent world with his own rules, so
the approach was really soft and progressive, without any jump, from rookie to expert level, with tons of patience and


Woodturning products represents for the company an important income during fairs and exhibitions where visitors can touch the wood and eventually love and buy it!
Carlos’s company is well known for the great accuracy and superb finishing of its products. He want to confirm year by
year this milestone, so the name of the company is firmly associated to the word quality and accuracy.
In other words, Alzola’s logo means great quality standards on every product.
During woodturning sessions we spent a lot of time discussing about quality standards and consumers loyalty connected to
production times and general costs. Founding every day the right balance is a constant aim.

wood works


We dedicate a day every week to web development. We are designing a new portfolio website to refresh the “digital
appeareance” of the company. We spent time selecting photos and writing apropriate text.
In the afternoon time we are focusing on marketing approaches about presentation and exhibition of a product.
Main topic is keep the concept clear and make it easy to understand for the potential customers.

web development





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