Co-operation with Beatrice is still very interesting. I think that I find quite a bit of a Parisian life and a specific fashion world. At first, looking at Beatrice, I admired her way of being and naturalness in this specific environment. Now I think everything is possible but requires years of work and experience.

This month, we learned that the fashion show Ken Okada which we predicted in our agenda will not take place in November. Most probably, Béatrice will be promoting the next Ken Okada collection. Despite this, we have many other activities that fully engage our time. We look after regular clients such as Christophe Josse and Eymeric Francois and their promotion. Although for now it is a quiet period between summer and winter collections.

This month we have been working for an important event organized on the occasion of the Christmas world by Comité Montaigne. It was a gala and dinner organized in the Maison Blanche restaurant for representatives of the largest fashion houses, such as Dior, ESMOD fashion schools, the Messe Fraknfurt organization and well-known international artists. The dinner was attended by 240 people, including the President of the Comite Montaigne, Stephane Bern, Jean Paul-Gaultier, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and a few ambassadors.

A lot of our time is involved in the Dinan project. The International Festival of Young Designers will take place in April, but preparations are entering the key phase. Participating with Béatrice in meetings regarding the details of the festival. All this is necessary so that we can communicate the first information about the festival. For example, as part of social media. We must also start thinking about preparing the first press releases.

Besides, I use the charms of Paris. This month, I visited the “Balzac” cinema several times as part of the Polish Cinema Festival. It was a good opportunity to watch interesting films and at the same time get to know some interesting people. It’s a nice experience to meet people from my country here and share experiences about life in this place. In addition, I was able to visit the international exhibition «Paris Photo». This experience made me realize how totally different nation and society we are in comparison with the French. I think that we lack openness and tolerance. This is one of the things I really like in my stay in Paris. And it taught me a lot, not only in professional matters but simply in life.




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