During the month of August I had the opportunity to participate in a youth exchange organized by the association Mine Vaganti NGO, where I am doing my entrepreneurship experience with the program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

Mine Vaganti NGO is an educational training provider at local and European level and has a consultant role for public and private bodies in order to promote and develop European and trans-continental projects. And as part of my training and learning with them I have experienced the implementation of an activity of youth mobility. I have already participated and worked in others, but what makes this different is held at a campsite where the activity room was the nature and the beach. As this event took place in San Teodoro, the ideal destination for many tourists to spend a holiday full of fun and relaxation because its beautiful beaches and its wild nature.


Photo: Cala Ambra, San Teodoro.

Youth exchange is named Youth Picture (YP) and uses photography as an educational tool to promote cultural awareness.

For me it was a very enriching experience in which I made new friends from different countries in Europe and through interaction with them and work done in activities, I could learn some concepts and uses of photography, but what is more important, develop social skills, have an open mind and transmit values cohesion; which it has contributed greatly to my personal development.
The workshops held were all very funny especially those who perform on the beach, efforts to develop skills such as cooperation, teamwork and cohesion, always using photography.

Photo: the camping, team of facilitators and participants.

Photo: the camping, team of facilitators and participants.

In addition, I also had the opportunity to participate in the preparation phase of the youth exchange, the administrative part, and all those aspects to gather information, make reservations, implement planning out previously. That is, also I helped care for participants before and during the exchange, making reservations of camping and restaurants for accommodation and meals, preparing the infopack, etc.


Photo: Erasmus + activity carried out on the beach

Addition to all this, I could still enjoy the culture, cuisine and Italian lifestyle.
And had a lot of fun!


Photo: Kites at the beach


Photo: pizza margherita


Photo: night life




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