The work of the last two weeks was to complete the list of pieces for the company that will build the entire building.

It has been a long and meticulous work in which all the possible cuts and the relative transportation of the components must be considered.
The second skin of the “Meteorite” building has been studied to understand how to fix all the corners of the panels taking in consideration:
– the static of the building;
– the connection between the panels;
– the cuts of the machine during the production process.
Closed this phase, the design process of the interior is started.
“Meteorite” house is composed by a sequence of small spaces. Every room has a combination of differet elements: niches, deep windows ( where is possible to sit and look outside), cabinets.

All the furniture are integral part of the architecture: walls become cabinet,
window- sills turn into benches, etc.
The phase of the interior design should consider also the different colors and the other components of the house: lights, carpets, fabric.
Study the atmosphere of the building during the different parts of the day with natural light effects and artificial combination of colors and materials.
Wainting for the engineers’s report about foundation and technical aspects we will complete the design of the interiors.

After their report, probably we will modify some part of the building in according with the structural calculations and the technical data about insulation and thickness of the walls.




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