Hello everyone, it’s been another two weeks, the ninth and the tenth. In these two weeks I have worked hard on my entrepreneurial idea, concentrating a lot on those managerial aspects concerning relationships with suppliers and sales techniques. I had a briefing with HE, the theme was the suppliers and the offer to customers.

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How to find the best suppliers, and more generally how to find the best supply channels for raw materials and consumables. Furthermore, the offer to be offered to customers and the diversification of the offer were discussed. He told me about his experience in the catering sector, currently boasts thirteen catering activities spread throughout Spain, and how the idea of diversifying his business was born. Currently he is also involved in the preparation of catering for a well-known franchise brand (Restalia), with the production of furnishing material for restaurants (tables, chairs and more). After this briefing, for a few days I was in close contact with a person who deals with relationships with suppliers, orders and payments; I subsequently worked with those involved in sales of restaurant furniture products.

Thanks to the EYE project I am having the opportunity to live an entrepreneurial experience, as if I were the entrepreneur myself, and this will help me a lot when I have to realize my business project, I will certainly have a richer cultural baggage for what concerns being an entrepreneur.

A dear greeting to all my readers.
I refer you to the next appointment.




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