Hello and happy new year!

The final month of my EYE in Athens has started and it couldn’t be better because as I returned to the studio I found the printed CDs of one of the musicians who work with us. Given that, the first days of this new year were mainly dedicated to the promotion of the new release, plus what remained suspended before Christmas. What’s more, we also received the final mastering from another musician, meaning that soon we are going to have another new release!

Well, it seems pretty apparent that for this month there are still many things to do, plus many things that I would like to do in order not to leave anything unfinished. For example in a couple of weeks, hopefully, we should also manage to deliver the first audio and ebooks. That’s also something that I found very interesting as a sector, especially as a possible business that a record label might cover. Or for example the beatbox documentary, there is the first draft for a couple of teasers but still, there are some details that need to be reviewed and some other changes to be made. It’s very big the difference that separates the amateur and the professional level, and only by working with professionals I am now able to understand it.

Also, as far as production and post-production processes are concerned, my mind is much clearer now about why final products as movies, documentaries, records, take so long before being commercialized, or shared with the public. Certainly also the equipment plays an important role, but a lot of it relies on the practical experience of the producer/publisher.

This is something that, personally, I’m going to remember very well, given that my education is completely different from the one of a professional musician.




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