When i was young i was very attracted to British culture: music, literature, theatre, cinema, tradition, fashion style and the famous ritual of tea in the afternoon.

After living here for a while as i am doing now, thanks to this amazing opportunity that erasmus project has given me, all i mentioned before has become so natural for me even though i’m italian and what i’d like to tell you is that really i appriciate the british attitude. I mean, not only the culture but also the approach to work.

In the last report i told you about my future meetings with margaret connell, siobhan noble and helen cox, my english teacher.

As always with helen cox, we had our meeting and lesson with a delicious cup of tea. We made a decision about how to carry on with our english lessons. We are going to work on revision of some basic grammar, in particular verb tenses, and also focus on grammar and language points that arise during the course of rehearsing the theatre pieces themselves.with margaret and siobhan we have to carry on with burocratic matters and when that is sorted out, we can be more precise with our time line.

At the same time, we have decided how to carry on with the italian market as well. Our goal is, in fact, to have a european tour, starting in England and Italy at the same time.
If we are lucky this will happen and all of us are waiting for all of you to watch our show.
That’s all for now.

I wish you a good day! Speak soon!
Roberta Laguardia




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