That’s a picture about a constructive detail of a pillar.
I took this image during the collective visit done with all the members of the atelier.
When a building, designed by the atelier, is almost finished, there’s a sort of tour
inside the new space. That’s the occasion where the project leader, who follows all the
process from the concept to the construction, explains to the others the characters of
the new building. This is an other fundamental aspect of the atelier’s practice.

In this way the the oldest collaborators share their know-how to the younger ones.
As it was planned I’m finished to work on the big multifunctional complex located in
the city centre of Lisbon. The big team, which is working on this project, is divided in
specific groups related to the different functions of the building.

I worked with the groups that have to design two blocks (apartments and offices) of
the big complex. I drew some part of the facade trying to understand how it looks like
from the exterior and from the interior space. In this month, inside this project, I
understood the issues related to the different apartments types (in term of distribution
and square meter) that the client asked for the Lisbon's nowadays market.




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