These two weeks are been quite challenging. The new challenge was to start the new house project locking for a bold and stimulating form.
The main idea is to realize a “Meteorite House”, a structure that, as a stone, draws and participates to the landascape of the project’s area. The daring solution will be to realize this house completely in wood using the prefabricated system of Stora Enso company. The house will have two different layer. The first, the proper house, will be composed by modular cubes, and the second one will be a second skin with bold and angular shape. We built a model to understand the proportion and the structural nodes.

Next step will be “build” this model on the Revit Sofware and share the file with the Stora Enso and with the engineers to understand all the costruction phasis that we need to plan.

For the GlassHouse we are sending the technical drawings to the administration to have the building permit. After that we will continue working on the ceiling and find a way to print in 3d all the panels and create an assembly




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