My experience in Seville is proceeding so fast that I have not realized that it has already been 5 months since my arrival here for the E.Y.E. Program! My project as a new entrepreneur is proceeding in a decisive and formative way and the collaboration with dr. Pagano and his team is very important for my work and my future projects.

During my last month I have been very busy in drafting different personalized diets, analyzing patients’ energy needs and studying and providing food statistics for the clinic. On a practical level, my work is based on an interview with the patient aimed at evaluating lifestyle, eating habits, physiological conditions and possibly pathological ones. Basically it is a food history during which the objectives to be achieved are evaluated and the path to follow with the use of a diet and if necessary a food supplement. During the first visit the bioimpedenziometer is used, a tool that allows to measure fat mass and lean mass: these data are essential for weight evaluation, body mass calculation. These measurements often follow the measurements of individual anthropometric parameters (weight, height and circumferences) in order to evaluate the basal metabolism. Based on this information, I develop a personalized diet for the patient, under the supervision of my host and the nutritionist at the clinic.

Summer is almost over and, never as in this year, I’m particularly happy about this. You can’t understand what the heat really is, if you do not spend an August in Seville before. There were days with temperatures always above 40 degrees, where I did not mind at all staying at work in the coolness of the clinic. On the other, hand the evenings and nights of the Andalusian summer, characterized by music, events and magical atmospheres, will remain for me one of the most beautiful experiences of this adventure.




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