My experience in the amazing Rotterdam is going on and it’s getting harder day by day!

But we know, that’s the game and we have to play!!
And after a period of “radio silence” ( let’s say ) that’s my report about the last month and half in Casanova + Hernandez architects:

09/10 – 22/10

Though days at the office: time of deadline and we’re working on the interior of the building.
Mainly I spent the last two weeks modeling in 3D all the different parts (each one related to a different function) in order to test the space, get all the possible issues and solve them adopting the best solutions. This required lot of review and we spent almost two weeks working on it.
The studies followed different steps: at the beginning “we kept contact “with different proposal in 2D and after we modeled them in 3D to get under control all the dimensions and all the different characters. We were also involved in the studying of the light, useful to understand all the conditions indide the building and optimize the heating and the viability.
Moreover, to make the project usable we faced the building code in order to respect all the parameters required by the Country.
At the end of the weeks, we were on the final studies and almost ready for the last deliveries.

23/10 – 06/11

This two weeks we were focused more in detailing.
We studied all the furnitures and the elements inside the building. We worked on the shape, the different themes, the materials and all the solutions for their installation. In addiction we studied all the infographic to be adopted in all the several cases. The work scale was between 1:25 and 1:1.
This was amazing because all the building design was followed by the office. This allowed me to understand a project under the whole aspects and keep contact with all the issues related to the materials and their workability. Furthermore we looked for lots of companies specialised in those kind of processings and it has been really helpful for me, cause I really discoverd an unknown world and I can increase my knoledge and connections.
After this work on detailing we received from the engineers all the installations concerning the air – recycling and the heating and we prepared the drawings for the the last delivery.

…but for this, I’ll update you in the next diary…..

Thanks for your attention and…see you soon!




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