It’s been three months since I’ve been working with Nuyva, the time has gone by very quickly.
This month has been very intense. The website of the company is almost finished, only the client's part of the area remains, in which we keep working. Once this work is done, the website will be launched.

I have learnt a lot about how to manage all the clients invoices and how to process it in the system. Also everything related to bank account reconciliation for accounting purposes.
In addition, the company wants to expand the client portfolio and it is in the process of negotiation. I have had the possibility of attending some of the meetings in which it is about the subject and it seems something very interesting and totally new for me.

The city is full packed with tourists and the weather is still amazing. Tarifa is near to Algeciras, so there are a lot of people now because is it a destination to do sky surf.




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