Report Emanuele Saracino February 2018
During these weeks basically I kept on working on the two projects we started in January:

  • a complex of 100 small recreational houses in a sea town in the Netherlands
  • a 400 m2 penthouse in the very centre of Rotterdam.

The first project is going very fast and I just finished the drawings that can be the ultimate ones, I was
present when my boss met the clients and I’m working on every phase of the design with my colleagues:
2d, 3d, rendering for presentation, calculation of costs, preparation of the presentation booklets and I
started to check the process to make these units completely or partially prefabs, in order to reduce costs
and building time.

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4228,4227,4226,4225″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”300″ height=”300″ title=”never”]

For the second project me and my colleagues made many options for the distribution and the volumes of
the building and the client choose to go forward with an hybrid option between mine and another made by
a colleague, so I worked on 2d and 3d for this option and for its presentation to the client.
For a better display of the work we have done, I made three physical models with polyurethane foam and
various kind of cardboard (pictures attached). The results were quite good and when I went with my boss
and colleagues to the meeting with the client, I was pleased that he appreciated that.
In the next days I will probably go with my boss and some colleagues to a building site of a previous project
of the office, located near the border with Germany, to check the work progress and do some pictures for a
future publication.




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